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The Great Guide to Maui on a Budget. How to Save Money. When traveling to Maui The Way to Save Money. When traveling to Maui Rash Guard — I always pack my long-sleeve rash guard on island trips. It protects you from sunlight when snorkeling and provides a small heat if the water is chilly. Find Free Entertainment As it is an island and 92% of the food has to be imported, packed food will be pretty pricey on Maui. We love to have snacks — such as almonds and nature bars — on hand when traveling, so packaging these things in our bag saves us a whole lot of money. Some hotels provide free snorkel gear rentals, but if you check ahead, and yours doesn’t, bring your own! We discovered that a travel set of flippers that don’t take up too much room in our luggage so that we end up dodging rental fees entirely. Photo Equipment — I highly recommend bringing a GoPro for underwater photographs (and a selfie stick!) Plus a great camera for property activities. (See our complete travel camera buying guide here.) Explore the Outdoors Food trucks are another fantastic budget-friendly alternative. There is such a number that you don’t need to miss out on exotic local fare, and you’ll be getting fun, delicious dishes for sometimes half the cost of a restaurant. Following is a list of the best food trucks on Maui based on Yelp reviews. Packing Essentials for Maui Rent a Place with a Kitchen Eat at Food Trucks The off-season and shoulder seasons in Maui are April to May and September to October. Airfare and resorts tend to be cheaper. And for an added perk, it won’t be crowded. For the best rates on hotels, we constantly check websites first. Purchase Alcohol in the Local Market Save on Car Rentals Clothing — Sandals or flip flops (I adore Rainbow sandals), a few swimsuits, sunglasses, and a sun hat are must-haves any time of year. I also highly recommend bringing shoes. Most of the hiking paths in Maui are completely free, and even the ones which charge fees are inexpensive. Part of the wonder of Maui is its own lush and varied environment, with tropical blossoms, bamboo, and waterfall-fed diving pools. Renting a condo or apartment throughout Airbnb is a good way to save money on your Maui vacation. Often the rental price itself is very affordable. Beyond that, having your own kitchen means that you could save money by cooking your own food. If you’re a newcomer to Airbnb, sign up through our link to get up to $35 from your initial booking! How to Save Money When Traveling to Maui Our favourite place to snorkel is Black Rock in the front of the Sheraton Maui, which also happens to be our favorite hotel to stay on the island! Reusable Water Bottle — Refilling your own water bottle not only saves money, but it’s so much better for your environment! We utilize this CamelBak water bottle at home, but if you want something more streamlined, this collapsible water bottle is perfect for traveling days and hiking. Snorkel Equipment — You will save yourself a ton of money by bringing your personal and you won’t be stuck using old gear. We introduced this mask and these travel size hooks. Travel in the Off-Season A day at the beach is free, too, and you can avoid the temptation of spending money on cabanas and cocktails by simply hitting up one of the lesser-known spots. Sunning, swimming, and snorkeling in clear waters–priceless. Incidentally, humpback whales go to the southern beaches of Maui from November to May, so even during the off-season you can place them in the beach. There are numerous places for live music and dancing that are entirely free. Some famous ones are Lahaina Cannery Mall, which has free hula shows and even ukulele classes, and Kaanapali Beach’s bar district for stage performances. With this advice, you can stay within your budget even as you’re living it up with this fun, friendly island. The Way to Save Money When traveling to Maui If you’re going out to restaurants or purchasing beverages, make the most of happy hour! Some restaurants remain happy hour going until late afternoon, so you can turn it into an early dinner and possibly even catch the sunset. Some meals trucks have happy hour, also. Pack Some Snacks Bring Your Snorkel Gear We always visit the local market on our very first day of coming to Maui. We like to buy any snacks we didn’t bring with us and, most importantly, buy a couple six packs to have on hand at our hotel or flat. We often travel with this insulated bag bag that doubles as an ice chest for the beach or other outdoor pursuits. It’s necessary to lease a car in Maui, but you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. You can seek out the best prices at, and a few American Express cards offer further discounts on leasing. Furthermore, be sure to consult your vehicle insurance carrier at home to see if it covers rental cars. How to Save Money When Traveling to Maui Proceed During Happy Hour

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Theft is an issue everywhere, and if you are seeing a favorite tourist destination (even if it’s in the rainforest), maintain your valuables on you or in your resort. There are 3-4 pretty standard rental cars on Maui, and each resident knows which automobiles are tourists. If you leave your bag in perspective, your window can get smashed along with your goods taken for good. There are unconscientious people both visiting and living here. Let us know how you’re feeling in comments, and we’ll contact you. ALOHA to ALL!!!!) This is a no-brainer. Bring your ALOHA and you are going to get it back. If you do not, understand that even though this is heaven, we have problems too. Some people are unhappy and grumpy, just like everywhere else. Smile and proceed. If you use anything else, then it will float off skin and destroy our reefs. This is a really major deal. Please also let it soak in before getting in the water. There is very little point to putting sunscreen on then leaping in the water immediately afterwards. Let people mix, be prepared for others to allow you to merge in, drive the speed limit, beware of pedestrians, and don’t honk! That ought to be compulsory, seeing that it’s fun.
We’ve listed 15 items we see bad tourists doing every day on Maui.
Disrespect locals Use crap sunscreen that kills the reef Many people to Maui get ready for paradise by shutting off their brains and pretending anything goes on our island. Yes, this is one of the very beautiful and welcoming places to visit on the planet, but that does not mean that you could be careless or disrespectful. Let your kids go wild Discipline doesn’t go out the airplane window once you’re on vacation. Don’t let your children run amuck just because they’re also on vacation. You can ruin other people’s hard-earned trip in addition to upset individuals who reside here. It’s a peaceful place, and your children should do their very best to be conscientious, which starts with you! Leave valuables in a rental car Drive like a mainlander